Adam Torkelson_Perfervid Sonancies for solo Bassoon_Bassoon Soloist Alireza Motevaseli


Perfervid Sonancies for solo Bassoon

Composer : Adam Torkelson

Bassoon Soloist : Alireza Motevaseli

About the “Perfervid Sonancies”

Perfervid Sonancies is a piece for solo bassoon written using the twelve-tone technique.  It is dedicated to Gregory Fritze, one of the composer’s music teachers in college.  The piece aims to explore the expressive qualities of the bassoon by dramatically juxtaposing moments of tension and relaxation.  Phrases of tranquil, vague rhythms stated softly and lyrically are contrasted against rapid, metrical rhythms stated loudly and in extreme register.  Weaker melodic intervals in declining impetus yield to strong melodic intervals in increasing impetus.  Throughout the piece, there is the use of both traditional techniques and extended techniques (such as flutter tonging).


About Adam Torkelson

Adam Torkelson is an international award-winning composer of concert music.  He graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA with a degree in Composition and Film Scoring.  Adam plays piano for a professional jazz quartet and lives in Tomball, TX.  His music has been performed by The Cypress Symphonic Band, the dissonArt Ensemble, Javier Perez Garrido, Eva Ingolf, and many others.

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