Clarinet Quintet by Alireza Motevaseli now available on the official website of The University of North Carolina

due to the suggestion of Dear Professor Doland Oheler (Music Professor and Principal Clarinetist of the North Carolina University )listed on the Official website of the North Carolina University

The Clarinet Quintet (Alireza Motevaseli)  has been Released on Aug 2015 and after that published on IMSLP Website on 2016.this piece contains some of the Persian music scales like MAHOOR ,SHUR,CHahargah and so on …

Motevaseli Clarinet Quintet

the composer tried to transform the Persian music scales to the west European instruments like clarinet with a new style of playing .

here is the Score-and-parts of this piece you can Download it for free




Composer,Principal Bassoonist,Pianist

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