Hanna Rudaya_Rondo for Bassoon Solo_Bassoon Solo by Alireza Motevaseli

رُندو برای فاگوت سولو

اثر:هانا رودایا از بلاروس

سولیست فاگوت: علیرضا متوسلی

Rondo for Bassoon Solo

Composer: Hanna Rudaya

Bassoon Soloist: Alireza Motevaseli


Hanna Rudaya was born in 1995, Baranovichy, Republic of Belarus. Began to attend music lessons since 8 years old. In 2011 entered the M.I. Baranovichy State Music Colledge, musicology department. Also, I began to study composition with Yury Valmus. In 2015, Hanna Rudaya graduated from the college with honors and entered the Belarusian State Academy of Music , composition department, Prof. Vladimir Korolchuk’s class. As a composer I try to work in different genres and directions

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Composer,Principal Bassoonist,Pianist

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