Alireza Motevaseli Born 9th Feb 1992 in Tehran , Iran.

he started to studding music with playing Bassoon 2002 from Television & radio of Islamic republic of Iran Music School.he studied classical music by the famous music masters  both in composition and performance such :

Hossein Dehlavi (Music Theory and Combination Lyric & Music)

Mostafa Kamal Poutorab (Music Theory)

Dr.Loris Hovian (Orchestra Conducting ,Piano)

Dr.Amirmahyar Tafreshipour (Music History)

Masoud Ebrahimi (Harmony)

Esmaeil Tehrani (Ensemble in Orchestra)

Nader Mashayekhi (Ensemble in Orchestra)

Dr.Mohamadreza Tafazzoli (Form)

Javid Majlesi (Ensemble in Orchestra)

Taghi Zarrabi (Ensemble in Orchestra, Bassoon , Orchestration)

Prof. Dr. Terry.B.Ewell U.S. (Music Interpretation , Bassoon)

Reza Mortazavi (Harmony)

Aidin Samimi Mofakham (Form,Counter Point)

Kave Jodat (Ochestration)

Hadi Arazm (Music Theory)

Mohamad mirzamani (Music Theory)

Abdolnaghi Afsharnia (Iranian Music Theory)

Mohsen Nafar (solfege)

Majid Karbakhsh zade (Piano)

after graduated from music School have nice cooperation with the most known orchestra located in Iran such : Tehran Symphony Orchestra,Iran National Orchestra,Television & Radio of Islamic Republic of Iran Symphony Orchestra and so many others ….

Resume as Bassoon Player

Cooperation with Tehran Symphonic Orchestra Led by Shahrdad Rouhani,Alexander Rahbari,Alexander Rudin,Mark Stivenson,Nasir Heidarian,Nader Mashayekhi,Nader MortezaPour,Orwell Erdinç ,Javid Majlesi,Domina Jurana,Riccardo Muti ,

Cooperation with Mediant Trio led by Alvin Avanessian

Cooperation with the TV & Radio Islamic Republic of Iran Symphony Orchestra, led by the late Mohammad Biglari Pour

Cooperation with the Parsian orchestra led by Aydin Ahmadinejad

Cooperation with Tehran Chamber Orchestra led by Nader Mashayekhi

In collaboration with the Municipality Philharmonic Orchestra led by Mohammad Hossein Hamidi

Cooperating with the Rudaki Symphony Orchestra led by (Nader Abbassi _Arash Amini)

Cooperation with the Pars Orchestra led by Naser Nazar

Cooperation with Orff Orchestra, led by Massoud Nazar

Cooperation with Iran Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus  Alireza Shafaghi Nezhad

In collaboration with the University Symphony Orchestra  of  TV & Radio

Collaboration with the Avasa orchestra led by Dr. Loris Hovian

Resume as Composer

the 1st Prize of Gyumri 2017 Music Festival with Cooperation of ministry of Culture of Armenia &  Municipality of Yerevan and the Jury from Komitas Music Conservatoire Yerevan State .

by the decision of the  board chair of Seattle Symphony for supporting the 7 Countries  that has been banned to traveling to U.S., they were going to have a Performance to support those countries .Alireza Motevaseli Cooperated with this Concert as a Composer and had a great Honor to be the youngest Composer that has been selected .the Opening of Concert had been with “Fantasia for Santoor & Accordion Composed by Alireza Motevaseli .it was a great Honor and nice Pleasure to have cultural Communications with Seattle Symphony orchestra  .

Fantasia for Santoor & Accordion and Orchestra Has been Awarded and performed by Seattle Symphony in Celebrate Asia Composition Competition 2016 Jan .

The International Publisher of the Contemporary Composers “Musicaneo” has been published some of his Compositions in their website since late 2016 up to now you can see the works listed here.

28th Fadjr International Music festival the first prize of the Subjective Music Composition.

Composed music for some short films & short  Animation.(2009-2017)

and so on …

Other Activities

Piano Accompaniment

Sound Engineering

Music Producer (Composer, Arranger ,Rearranging, Recording and Mastering )

Private Teaching (Compose , Bassoon , Piano and Music Softwares “Steinberg Cubase , Avid Protools ,Avid Sibelius” and …)

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